A Modern Precedent

One thing advocates for Congressional Order 101 will hear far to often, from politically active people, is that there is no such thing as a “Federal People’s Initiative.” That they are only a state level form of political action, and that they are only an option in about 1/2 of the States. This is typically followed by them thinking I am an idiot (evidenced by their dismissive actions), or saying it outright in some sophisticated condescending euphemistic way. C’est la vie… The irony is, these same people typically celebrate bold innovation in it’s more mundane forms once it has become part of the status quo. :-D

Basics principle regarding the cause of inflation, and why Congressional Order 101 won’t be a cause of it.

One of the most common concerns people raise about the Congressional Order 101 initiative is regarding inflation. This is due to the fact that the Congressional Order 101 initiative is about creating currency, backed by the measured amounts of valuable knowledge that diplomas, certifications, and degrees represent. While there are many theories about what causes…