Congressional Order 101: What Will It Fund?

Some people may be curious about the broad spectrum of what Congressional Order 101 can fund.

The primary elements required to support the creation of currency backed by the value of a measured amount of knowledge are:

  1. Testing to verify the measured amount of knowledge exists.
  2. Documentation of educational expenses.

Without the evidence that someone has learned something and now holds a measured amount of valuable knowledge in their mind, and the evidence of the accounting of the cost involved in helping the student develop this asset, there is no ability to account for the existence of the minimal value of the education.

That said, there are a vast amount of educational service providers beyond just K-12 public & private schools and colleges that meet these requirements.

Here is a list of some that may qualify that people might not have considered:

  • Homeschooling;
  • All vocational & technical schooling;
  • Political internships in any branch of public service;
  • All military, emergency response, and law enforcement training programs;
  • Preschool and educational daycare centers run by people holding early childhood development degrees and similar degrees;
  • The Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts of America, and other outdoor schooling centers that test and document the education (while a bit of a stretch to some, the Merit Badge requires testing and is a certification of a proven knowledge/skill);
  • Culinary schooling;
  • Employee training programs that involve testing and documentation;
  • Prison school programs for inmates;
  • Massage Therapist training and certification;
  • Various forms of physical trainer certifications;
  • Private tutoring;
  • etc…

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